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What information do you need to give to a pump supplier/manufacturer to get a quotation?


What information would you normally give to obtain a quotation from a pump manufacturer or supplier?
This will help our end-users that visit this site.
Typically a pump manufacturer will need the flow required along with the units of measure, and the head needed, again with the units of measure.

To get an accurate selection, as much of the information below needs to be supplied as possible.

What medium is being pumped and at what temperature? If it is not water being pumped then as much information about the medium as possible should be sent such as Specific Gravity and Viscosity.

Any pipework details are also useful (Suction and discharge).

What is the application? (Boiler Feed, Circulation, Submersible Waste Water, Central Heating, Pressurisation, Pressure Booster?

What power supply is there? 415V? 3 Phase? 50 Hertz?

Does the pump need to be in a specific material?

Does it need special coatings?

What certification is needed?

How do you want to control the pump/s (On/Off, Pressure, Flow)

Do you want the pumps to be fixed speed or variable speed?

The minimum though is Flow, Head, Medium being pumped and Temperature.


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All valid points above of course.
For pumps handling abrasive slurries, the properties of the solids within the carrier fluid also have to be taken into account. The minimum requirement that is needed for correct pump selection and derating is:-
  • Solids specific gravity
  • % solids by volume or weight
  • d50 or d85 particle size (50% pass or 85% pass)
  • Solids hardness
If the carrier liquid is anything other than water, then fluid properties are also needed, including
  • Corrosive elements
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Chlorides, etc