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The objective of the forum is to become the go-to-place for end users, manufacturers, suppliers and any other interested parties, to have a platform for discussions on issues relating to pumps and pumping systems in the knowledge that they are getting impartial and expert advice.

• The intention of the BPMA forum is to serve its members by offering a vehicle for an open exchange of views and idea’s to debate any issues that may arise within the pumping sector. The forum should also serve as a place where non-members can seek help and advice to assist with technical, application or legislative questions relating to pumping issues in the knowledge that they will receive an unbiased and factual response at all times.

• The forum’s goal is to be acknowledged as the leading specialists in the field of pumps, pumping systems and related products, and recognized for its wealth of expertise and experience within this field.

Forum Rules:
Please take some moments to read the posting Policies.

User rules:

Subjective political statements are not allowed.
Aggressive, offensive or negative remarks will not be tolerated.
Users may not post promotional messages, advertisements or spam.
Users will remain respectful of all other forum users.
Do not bump posts.
Do not post your or other people’s personal information (email addresses, phone number etc.)
Users who see posts which breach these rules should click the report link.

Right to Delete Posts:

While we do not and cannot review every message posted in any of our BPMA forum boards we the BPMA are not responsible for the content of these messages posted, we reserve the right to delete, move or edit messages that we deem abusive, defamatory, obscene, in violation of copyright or trademark laws, or otherwise unacceptable.
All posts in the BPMA Forums must be written in English.
Posts which break the user rules will be removed.
Repeat offenders will have their accounts frozen/blocked.
Exact duplicate posts will be closed and linked to the first instance.
Posts made in the wrong category will be moved to the correct one.

HR or Recruitment companies:
Recruiting "spam" will not be tolerated in any of the BPMA forum pages.

Posting Links:
Our policy on linking to other forums is pretty straightforward. Members may provide a link to any other site that provides information that helps answer another member's question or is just of general interest to members of that particular BPMA forum.
Do not post your or other people’s personal information (email addresses, phone number etc.)

Posting Advertisements:
This is a BPMA forum of questions & answers, so advertisements are not allowed on this site.
A member may answer another member's question about their occupation or business, however, blatant advertising or solicitations of or for business is prohibited.
Subjective political statements are not allowed.
Aggressive, offensive or negative remarks will not be tolerated.

Piracy or Unlawful Activities:
This community BPMA forum is a place for ideas and constructive participation, and not a place to violate any laws or to discuss illegal activities.

Copyrighted or Trademarked Materials:
It is illegal to post any content that is copyrighted or trademarked, unless you hold the copyright or trademark.

Inappropriate Language:
The use of inappropriate or offensive language is not permitted in this BPMA forum.

BPMA forum reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to any part of these forums.

Privacy Policy:
For details of the BPMA forum privacy policy can be found here: https://www.bpma.org.uk/privacy


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