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Pump engineering forum & posting policies.

• The objective of the forum is to become the go-to-place for end users, manufacturers, suppliers and any other interested parties, to have a platform for discussions on issues relating to pumps and pumping systems in the knowledge that they are getting impartial and expert advice. • The intention of the BPMA forum is to serve its members by offering a vehicle for an open exchange of views and idea’s to debate any issues that may arise within the pumping sector. The forum should also serve as a place where non-members can seek help and advice to assist with technical, application or legislative questions relating to pumping issues in the knowledge that they will receive an unbiased and factual response at all times. • The forum’s goal is to be acknowledged as the leading specialists in the field of pumps, pumping systems and related products, and recognized for its wealth of expertise and experience within this field. Forum Rules: Please take some moments to read the posting Policies.